The Sanskaras are essentially the “rites of passage” that a person goes through in life, from conception to death. However, any definition in English falls short of the deep significance and meaning of the Sanskaras in the lives of Hindus.

A closer definition is the word “sacrament,” for a sacrament implies an outward celebration or ceremony symbolic of inward growth, change or grace. The sanskaras refer to the main religious/spiritual purificatory rites and rituals for sanctifying the body and mind, such that growth may be positive, progressive and smooth.

Each sanskara has a particular ritual and puja associated with it. The proper, divine completion of the ritual associated with each sanskara ensures that the crucial lessons of each “rite” are learned and that the next stage of life can be successfully entered.

There are 16 main sanskaras, 5 of which are performed with great piety, devotion and tradition on the banks of Mother Ganga at Hitam Life in Rishikesh.
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Rudrabhishekam - The Ancient Sounds

The meaning of the Rudrabhishekam is to convey that everything is Shiva, and is contained within the Shiva Tattva. There is nothing beyond the Shiva Tattva.

Rudrabhishek is an ancient mantra that was taken from the waves of the sky (space). When the ancient sages and sages sat in meditation, they listened, and what they heard began to move to other people.

The effect of Rudrabhishek produces positive energy and removes negative vibrations. The scriptures of astrology prescribe Rudra puja as a remedy for several planetary Dosha. And much is said about Rudrabhishek. When Rudrabhishek occurs, nature thrives, nature is joyful and happy.


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